Body Attack 91 – Review

So, it’s a new year and a new set of Les Mills releases.  How glad was I to see the back of BA90….lets just say I associate Attack releases with people…nuff said. 

Warmup – Track 1 – this is totally MY song, gets us in the mood to start, maybe a bit too much bouncing about though? And all the tricep push ups AGAIN…but still pretty good, probably my favourite warm up since BA87 which was a YEAR ago. 

  • Track 2 – I bloody hate the song. Which is a shame as the moves are pretty good, I love anything which loads up the legs.  I really hate the song btw
  • Track 3 – much about such…typical track 3, supermans, jacks, it doesn’t offend me.
  • Track 4 – this is a decent song, sets the scene, but it feels like something we have fine a million times before with the squat jumps and burpees. Trying to fit three burpees in is challenging and I’m seeing stars by the end. 
  • Track 5 – I love the lunges. My god what a lot of tricep push ups. The superman planks are a strange addition. 
  • Track 6 – I like the song but the moves are a tad tricky, everyone ends up doing the side skips at the wrong beat/time/direction. 
  • Track 7 – agility is always my favourite. I like the moves for this but it’s very quick. Need a few more weeks to properly get the hang of it
  • Track 8 – interval, now I’m glad that they are finally taking track 8’s in a different direction music wise, usually it’s some epic bland screechy wail about needing a miracle or mourning lost love or finding a way.  Now we get funky music. It’s DOPE. I like it. 
  • Track 9 – feels like a real proper track 9 again, the last few releases have been so MEH. but I LOVE this. Apart from the jacks with your arms by your side…..erm, why?!
  • Track 10 – again, this one does not offend me. Does the job.  

Overall 8 1/2 out of 10. 


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