They were clouds in my coffee…

…so I’m racing again. The Runner Viking has ran two 10ks in 4 days.  I have also had FUNTIMES. The key for me is balancing the two. 

Wednesday Night – Irvine 10k. Spent the day terrified to eat Incase I shat myself. Ate ten tonnes of ice cream and chocolate on the sunny steps of the concert hall with my funny work ones as it was WARM in glasgow. Horrendous stitch during race. Great company. Horrendous stitch. 46.04.

Sunday Morning – Paisley 10k. An old favourite. Spent Saturday night spanking the arse off an incredible steak and rocket pizza. And a few cheeky Hendricks. Woke up nervous as anything. Decided to forgo breakfast incase food was causing stitch times. It wasn’t. Walked into Paisley full of the nerves. Said hello to some good ones. Started running. Decided I hate the running. Need a new hobby. Maybe knitting. Horrendous stitch. 45.52.  I do love running. 

Onwards and upwards. 

I’m racing another 10k next Sunday. 


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