You’re so vain…

…you probably think this blog is about you. Well it isn’t. I like (most) of you. It’s about people who review free shit on their shitty blogs. Not putting myself on any high and mighty soap boxes here. My blog is pretty much half hearted dear diary.  And my blog is shitty too. There, I said it first. HOLLA!

Why do people accept free shit to review? Do they honestly think their opinion is any more valid than people who pay for their shit?!  If you run a few slow runs a week (not jizzing on speed here, that’s for another blog) I really don’t care what you think about trainers.  Or base layers. Or capris. Or headlamps or gels or who will win the premier league (United, obvs!).  I like blogs for HONESTY. Struggles. PBs. Race reviews, real life experiences. Nearly shitting yourself at mile 6 of an ultra. Not “the lovely people at XX very kindly sent me free shit to review, all opinions my own”.  Still slight LOLZ at the lovely runner who unfollowed me because I said I hated the Hackney half. I paid for my entry and I hated it and I still hate it so get it up you hen. 

I’m sure the ‘opinions are your own’, I’m sure you are very happy with your free shit.  I’m not bitter btw, I am a big girl and I can buy my own running gear. I have exceptions, I suppose. I can sort of respect a decent runner who gets sent free relevant shizz, whether ultra or road. But an average runner who just jogs the bare minimum but has their mug ALL OVER social media?! Getting free shiz worth £££ then telling us all how it is?  Erm, noooooo thanks. 

I’ve been described as ‘slightly better than average’ (45 min 10k, used to be 43 min before my injury, YES BITTER MUCH ABOUT MY SPEED!) and I don’t think I have the authority to review running gear. Running magazines, websites and forums all feature reviews. Forums actually have opinions from people who paid for the stuff too. Which helps with the honesty part.  It just feels like selling out to me. And not what having a blog should really be all about. 

Btw Brooks and Nike, I’m a UK 6 1/2 or 7 in trainers. Come HOLLA at me bro. 😉 I’ve been told I’m pretty too. It just all goes to shit when I open my mouth…..or tap my fingers. 😜


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